The art of model portfolio investing.

Our mission is to offer the best of portfolio management; delivering exceptional client outcomes.

Our Investment Solutions

Core MPS

Our one-stop shop liquid investment solution.

The portfolio focuses on blending the best of active and passive investing.

Active MPS

Our flagship and leading portfolio range.

The portfolio invests across our best active ideas to generate clear, credible, active outperformance for clients.

Passive MPS

Our very low-cost portfolio range.

A whole-of-market portfolio, investing in index-trackers for high-quality market exposure at a very low cost.

White Label

Working closely with you to deliver your centralised investment process.

Ethical MPS

Our ‘Dark Green’ portfolio range.

Investing with strict avoidance criteria to avoid harm.

The range focuses on funds that have strict screening criteria in line with our ethical criteria.

Sustainable MPS

Our better future portfolio range.

Investing in companies offering products and services that help create a greener, more sustainable world.
The Sustainable Investment Strategy is directly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our low-cost approach to responsible investing.

Investing in companies that possess good or improving ESG characteristics.

The range blends active and passive responsible investment funds.

Islamic MPS

Invest in alignment with your faith

The portfolio range is targeted at clients seeking a portfolio that is shariah compliant.

Defined Returns MPS

Seeking to achieve defined return targets.

For investors seeking a highly pragmatic approach to active multi-asset investing.

Investment Trust MPS

Invest in a portfolio of best-in-class investment trusts.

The portfolio invests in Investment Trusts (closed-ended investment vehicles) for equity exposure.

Bespoke MPS

Invest according to your clients' exact required outcomes.

A model portfolio constructed and managed around your mandate.

Founded in 2018

Risk Managed Portfolios

UK Based MPS Manager

Partnering Exclusively with Financial Advisers

Available on 14+ platforms

Long-Term, High-Conviction Investors

About BinaryCapital

Just like our investments, we take the long-term view when it comes to client relationships. We know you expect total transparency and trustworthiness, as well as a personalised service, and that’s precisely what you will receive.

Our fundamentally-driven process preserves and grows wealth.

Our aim is to protect investors’ capital and increase its value over the long term. We are unafraid to stand apart from the crowd.

We construct world class Investment solutions.

In our unique style, we construct investment propositions that are easily understood, aiming to create consistent returns over the long-term.

Our portfolios are diversified across asset classes, regions, investment styles and themes.

We take a global outlook.

We actively seek the best investment ideas and strategies worldwide. Investments with continuous growth and disruptive innovation to benefit all.

Our approach encompasses ideas from diverse regions such as the US, Europe, and Emerging Markets, without any bias towards the UK.

Sticking to our best ideas.

We do not compromise on our investment ideas. We believe in very focused diversification and conviction.

Our portfolios are curated with only our best ideas in our portfolios.

Taking a long-term view.

Short-term market movements are often just noise and randomness. We have no competitive advantage in this area; hence we prefer to look longer-term for credible investment return generation.

We are client centric in everything that we do.

We are dedicated to providing a full suite of high-quality investment solutions for our clients, constantly striving for improvement without any compromises. We take pride in our ability to exceed client expectations on solution and service.

Fully independent.

We are an independent investment firm, completely conflict-free. No in-house products or external shareholders.

Our portfolios cover the entire market, guaranteeing zero conflicts of interest.

We are Available on 14+ platforms.

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Let’s Talk

Contact Information

Binary Capital is a trading name of Centile Partners Limited. Centile Partners Limited is registered in England and Wales, with company number: 06692644. Registered office: 43-45 Dorset Street, London, England, W1U 7NA | Centile Partners Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number 507900.

Young man in suit with glasses on blue background.

Sam Boughton

Client Service Director

Sam has been with Binary Capital since its inception in 2018. Initially, his role was to offer support to the UK sales team. Over time, he worked his way up from this position to become the Client Service Director at Binary Capital. As Client Service Director, he manages the wider sales team and is responsible for raising the assets under management (AUM) while concurrently enhancing the firm’s operational capabilities.

Sam completed his undergraduate studies in Economics with honours at the University of Manchester.

Sam’s unwavering loyalty to Binary Capital for the past five years is a testament to the firm’s boutique vision. Binary Capital’s success is built on long-standing relationships with clients and the impact they make, which serve as the foundation of the firm’s business model. ‘We believe that by prioritising these relationships and consistently delivering impactful results to our clients, we can continue to build a successful and sustainable business for years to come’

In his leisure time, Sam is an avid supporter of Arsenal, his favourite football team, and regularly attends matches at the Emirates Stadium. Sam is also a highly skilled sportsman, having completed triathlons and competed at a high level of squash around London. In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing golf, weather permitting.

Man in suit and tie with blue background.

Zayn Baroo

Partnerships Manager

At Binary Capital Zayn works in partnership with IFAs across the UK, delivering tailored financial solutions alongside exceptional customer service.  Zayn has over a decade of experience in financial services: focusing on private banking and discretionary investment management. 

Zayn holds a Masters in Wealth Management, a Professional Bankers certificate, and membership of the CII and Chartered Bankers Institute. He is currently pursuing Chartered Financial Planning status.